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Male Hookers

June 30, 2007

That’s my fiancé in that picture, holding the fish he crocheted for me out of 100% alpaca. We’ve had a long distance relationship for a while now, and this has given him the opportunity to learn how to crochet in secret and surprise me with his newfound skills. Quite apart from the fact that he made this fish without a pattern – keep in mind this is his first project (okay, I’m done bragging) is the fact that he was willing to take on a craft that is so traditionally feminine.

It’s not that he doesn’t know how to do more manly things. He has a hobby lathe that can turn both wood and metal. He paints and draws in various mediums (including apparel). He even takes some pretty wicked amateur photography.

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News you should read about, the June 28th edition

June 28, 2007

Via Boingboing. From a letter in 1938, it seems as though Disney didn’t want girls to become cartoon animators. In a rejection letter, it states: “Women do not do any of the creative work in connection with preparing the cartoons for the screen, as the work is performed entirely by young men. For this reason, girls are not considered for [animation] training school.” Disney’s logic is perfectly understandable. Afterall, if girls are going to spend their lives hunched over a table and drawing pictures, the Prince Charmings won’t be able to do their job of rescuing these dainty princesses from evil stepmothers and talking animals! Won’t someone think of the Prince Charmings who might be made redundant? They might have to end up working in a factory or something!

Starbucks has unveiled plans to promote “An Artic Tale”
, a documentary about a polar bear and a walrus whose habitats are under siege. But wouldn’t it be better if Starbucks focused on its in-house policies instead? How about doing away with coffee sleeves, or actually paying the producers of their coffee beans enough money to sustain their families?

It was possibly the shittest flight for 200 Continental Airline passengers who had human sewage flowing out of the airplane toilets during their 7-hour long flight. However, Samuel L Jackson has refrained from commenting on whether this incident would inspire his next blockbuster hit, “Shit on a Plane”.


Fixed and unrealistic images in the media hurt men too

June 25, 2007

Over at MightyPonyGirl, there’s a post about a study that showed boys suffering from poor self-esteem after being prolonged to video gaming magazines.

“First, gaming magazines’ illustrations of exaggeratedly muscular bodies encourage young readers to take notice of the male form. They catch the eye because they depart so drastically from the typical male body.”

In contrast, models in fitness and fashion magazines and athletes in sports magazines, “although fit and well formed, do not look much different from the real men encountered by boys in their everyday lives.”

The second reason why the gaming genre may play a more prominent role in boys’ developing drive for muscularity is that “male video game characters are frequently cast as superheroes, thereby promoting an association between hyper-muscularity and the power, control and agency that superheroes symbolize to children.”

“In a nutshell, we found that exposure to video gaming magazines, which are immensely popular, increased boys’ subsequent drive for muscularity, more than exposure to other, more realistic ‘ideal-body’ magazines like sports, fashion and fitness,” Harrison said. This effect, she said, “was significant regardless of how thin or fat boys perceived themselves to be.”

But that’s not all. In a different twist, the June issue of Pyschology Today has an article about how lad magazines (Maxim, FHM and the like) affect.. *drum roll*.. the male self-esteem too!

According to the study, self-esteem erodes the fastest when males are shown pictures of hot women in wet tshirts.

“But when looking at objectified women, they may be imagining what women want, thinking that if they were more muscular, women would like them,” researcher Jennifer Aubrey said.

So what’s the lesson for today? Fixed and unrealistic media messages pretty much suck all around. In the end, it doesn’t matter whether these images depict men or women – it all adds up to a deflated sense of self worth.


News you should read about, the June 25th edition

June 25, 2007

The Vatican has warned that buying a car as “means for outshining other people and arousing a feeling of envy” is bad. Very very bad indeed. But don’t worry! Ferrari’s general manager Amedo Felisa wants you to know that people generally buy Ferraris for the love of driving and not because, yknow, it’s flashy, a status symbol and an overall chick magnet. No siree! People buy it because they love to drive! “But you should commit at least one [sin] from time to time,” Felisa said. Oh, he’s the devil’s advocate, that one!

A film about India’s child prostitutes will be screened in New York and released in India later in September. Titled “Rivaaz”, meaning tradition, the movie depicts an age-old tradition practiced by a few underprivileged communities where women dress their daughters -some as young as 12- up for her first client, while her father and brothers solicit for customers. Reasons for the prostitution are varied; while some see it as ‘god’s will’, others merely do so as a way to earn money to repay their debts. Director, Ashok Nanda, says, “Family-based prostitution exists in more than 300 districts in India.It is so incredible that I did not believe this is true. Then I saw a UNICEF report and read up on this.” And there isn’t a happy ending, as many teenage girls end up with STDs and AIDS.

It seems that honesty isn’t really the best policy. An employee at Pizza Hut in North Carolina was fired by her employers after she notified the health authorities of rodents in the eatery. I guess that’s just even more reason to make your own pizza.

Not all booksellers are excited over the highly anticipated finale to the Harry Potter series – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. According to Forbes, small-time booksellers are feeling the pinch as their competitors are slashing prices and outdoing each other in discounts as a way to woo customers into their bookstores. Their biggest rival? Amazon. And Amazon isn’t even making a profit off the books. Jeff Bezos had to reassure shareholders that the company has more than 1 million books ordered to far, and hopes that their customers will place more orders to be sent alongside the Boy who Lived.


After 35, it’s all downhill for you baby.

June 24, 2007

It seems that once you hit 35, being a woman with the right genitalia isn’t enough to get free drinks on ‘Ladies Night’. In the Sunday issue of The Straits Times, it reported that women over the age of 35 were asked to pay for drinks on Ladies Night at one of Singapore’s biggest clubs – The Power House.

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Making stuff out of older stuff

June 23, 2007

Five and a half has a great (and easy!) tutorial that shows you how to make a gorgeous notebook out of paper and glue.

Somewhere else on Craftster, jamiewatchthestars posts up a step-by-step tutorial on fusing plastic bags together to make a large piece of fabric. Totally rad.

But what would you make with a piece of plastic fabric? How about a makeup bag, a messenger bag, or even a dress?

Via Whipup, quilter Magpie and Cake has sewn a quilt using Starbuck’s coffee sleeves for material.

Here’s another old video by Threadbanger that shows how to make a bag from tshirts. Even if you’re just a novice sewer or worse, can’t tell the difference between a thimble and a bobbin case, I would vouch for this bag pattern because making bags like this is really really easypeasy. Crafter’s promise!


It’s nice to know that I’m a cow, albeit a smart one

June 21, 2007

Minister Mentor Lee Kwan Yew hinted that Singapore, with its abysmal birth rate, should look into encouraging single women to get knocked up and raise their kids singlehandedly. All in the name of increasing the population, he says!

But wait! MM Lee doesn’t want to encourage all single women to give birth. A firm believer of eugenics and that smart people raise smart kids, Lee only wants successful college-educated career women to give birth to babies.
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