It’s nice to know that I’m a cow, albeit a smart one

June 21, 2007

Minister Mentor Lee Kwan Yew hinted that Singapore, with its abysmal birth rate, should look into encouraging single women to get knocked up and raise their kids singlehandedly. All in the name of increasing the population, he says!

But wait! MM Lee doesn’t want to encourage all single women to give birth. A firm believer of eugenics and that smart people raise smart kids, Lee only wants successful college-educated career women to give birth to babies.

Lee said that “by educating women and giving them a fair chance at top jobs”, he had inadvertably created a problem where your highly-educated women aren’t able to find a partner and give birth to babies. (Boo hoo, we should have kept them barefoot and pregnant instead.).

In fact, he was quoted as saying:

“You are reproducing the next generation excluding your best mothers for the next generation. It’s like taking your best cows or best mares out of the population pool. It doesn’t make sense.

He added:

In the West, they are now encouraging single parenthood, women have children without husbands. That’s one solution. I am not sure that Singapore society is ready for that. But maybe that’s better than having no children from intelligent women.

(Emphasis mine.)

Currently, women who give birth without a marriage certificate are penalised and discriminated by the government. Single mothers are unable to buy a government-subsized flat until they pass the age of 35. On top of that, single mothers do not receive the same length of maternity leave that their married counterparts do.

So while married women get 6 months of maternity leave (half of which kindly paid for by the government’s Baby Bonus scheme) it’s a much different road for single moms. They have to get back to work after their three months of employer-paid leave, unless the employer is nice enough to pick up the tab and grant the mom the additional three months of leave.

When the issue of denying single mothers the extra 3 months of maternity leave was raised in parliament earlier this year, the government gave a straight “Bitches who refuse to get married and have the audacity to give birth don’t get government handouts” answer.

Single unwed mothers are not a large group – about 500 children are registered without the father’s name annually. Single mothers are entitled to 12 weeks of maternity leave under the Employment Act, of which eight weeks are paid for by the employer for first and second births.


The Marriage and Parenthood Package is an incentive for married couples. It is not a financial assistance scheme for children. So the Government cannot and should not be the surrogate father.

In short: This only affects a small number of women! Who cares if we discriminate against them! They have no political clout and can’t make much noise!

In spite the blatent discrimination, Lee now suggests that we consider encouraging our ‘best cows and mares’ to give birth, thrusting them into a place where they aren’t as valued for the lack of a wedding ring. But if they’re all that intelligent, wouldn’t they know that they’d be shortchanged if they do it alone?

So really. Remove the penalties that single women bear for having children outside the conventional family unit and you might see more of your cows give birth to smart calves without the bull or any other bullshit. Jeez.

LCC blogs about single mothers and genetic determinism
An old post by Yawning Bread about how the government rejects and discriminates anything outside the conventional ‘family unit’. An oldie but goldie.


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