After 35, it’s all downhill for you baby.

June 24, 2007

It seems that once you hit 35, being a woman with the right genitalia isn’t enough to get free drinks on ‘Ladies Night’. In the Sunday issue of The Straits Times, it reported that women over the age of 35 were asked to pay for drinks on Ladies Night at one of Singapore’s biggest clubs – The Power House.

IN A black-lace top, a grey Gucci beret and tight jeans, Ms Violet Lim was dressed to party.

But at the entrance of Powerhouse in mega-club St James Power Station, a bouncer asked for her identity card, then denied her the five free-drinks vouchers typically offered to women on Ladies’ Night.

The reason? She was ‘above 35’.

Yup. The Power Station probably thinks it’s for the best, given that they are enforcing the arbitrary and invisible age bracket that marketing executives say is best for their business.

But Mr Andrew Ing, chief operating officer of St James Power Station, said the club’s coupons only extend to women ‘who fit our target profile’ – that is, ‘young and trendy’. ‘It’s to protect the interests of our existing clientele,’ he explained.

Similarly snubbed – and annoyed – was 36-year-old nurse Geraldine Lee, who is just one year over the Powerhouse age limit. ‘It’s like telling you you’re old and won’t attract guys, so go somewhere else,’ said Ms Lee, who was at the club for the first time last Wednesday.

Even so, Mr Ing cited the club’s right to turn away customers, and its right to give or refuse Ladies’ Night privileges.

At popular clubs like Zouk, Ministry of Sound, and The Arena, the women were ushered in readily and served their drinks – no questions asked.

So by their fantastic reasoning, St James Powerhouse would be turning away women such as:

1) Salma Hayek (41)
2) Uma Thurman (37)
3) Demi Moore (41)
4) Monica Bellucci (43)
5) Gwen Stefani (38)
6) Madonna (49)
7) Julia Roberts (40)

See how arbitrary and random the ’35 year old’ age limit is? By sticking to their ‘target demographic’, they lose out on an untapped potential base of customers that might have more money to spend, and still have that hip cred the club wants. It’s just as well, since the other clubs would be more than willing to accept their patronage.

Furthermore, in an already-ageist society, women don’t need to be reminded they have an expiry date to go by and that they aren’t valued once they lose their ‘main’ purpose of being attractive to men.

St James Power Station is free to continue it’s discriminatory practices. But the business has just earned itself a whole lotta negative press, lost a number of regular and potential customers, and is basically stuck with a reputation for being an ageist dickhead business. Good job, guys!


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  1. I heard about this case when I met up with a group of my friend who is at the age of 32-44 …the group is about 13-14 ladies . When we heard about , 1st thing come to all our mind is “Young is always good” but it really bad to do this ..we can be “OVER-AGE” but we can still dance & attrack young guy…especially now a day notice quite a number of young guy like older woman…anyway , all of us agreed that we will not be go to this pub so they have just lost 13-14 customers or even more as lady do gossip so we will spare news 🙂

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