News you should read about, the June 25th edition

June 25, 2007

The Vatican has warned that buying a car as “means for outshining other people and arousing a feeling of envy” is bad. Very very bad indeed. But don’t worry! Ferrari’s general manager Amedo Felisa wants you to know that people generally buy Ferraris for the love of driving and not because, yknow, it’s flashy, a status symbol and an overall chick magnet. No siree! People buy it because they love to drive! “But you should commit at least one [sin] from time to time,” Felisa said. Oh, he’s the devil’s advocate, that one!

A film about India’s child prostitutes will be screened in New York and released in India later in September. Titled “Rivaaz”, meaning tradition, the movie depicts an age-old tradition practiced by a few underprivileged communities where women dress their daughters -some as young as 12- up for her first client, while her father and brothers solicit for customers. Reasons for the prostitution are varied; while some see it as ‘god’s will’, others merely do so as a way to earn money to repay their debts. Director, Ashok Nanda, says, “Family-based prostitution exists in more than 300 districts in India.It is so incredible that I did not believe this is true. Then I saw a UNICEF report and read up on this.” And there isn’t a happy ending, as many teenage girls end up with STDs and AIDS.

It seems that honesty isn’t really the best policy. An employee at Pizza Hut in North Carolina was fired by her employers after she notified the health authorities of rodents in the eatery. I guess that’s just even more reason to make your own pizza.

Not all booksellers are excited over the highly anticipated finale to the Harry Potter series – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. According to Forbes, small-time booksellers are feeling the pinch as their competitors are slashing prices and outdoing each other in discounts as a way to woo customers into their bookstores. Their biggest rival? Amazon. And Amazon isn’t even making a profit off the books. Jeff Bezos had to reassure shareholders that the company has more than 1 million books ordered to far, and hopes that their customers will place more orders to be sent alongside the Boy who Lived.


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