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Why can’t those damn gays just be happy with what little rights they have?

August 27, 2007

Married To The Sea

Singapore is currently in the midst of a debate on whether we should repeal an antiquated law titled Section 377a of the Penal Code. The law which was passed by down the British colonial masters (we declared independence in 1963, for a sense of a timeline) makes criminals out of gays for merely having sex.

Yes, two consensual men who fuck each other in private are considered criminals in the eyes of the law. Can we be any more progressive?

In April early this year, Minister Mentor Lee assured the gay community that S337a would not be enforced by the police, but the law would not be repealed so that the government would not “upset their [the religious conservatives] sense of propriety and right and wrong.”

Since then, we’ve been barraged with the cries of homophobes, bigots and fundamentalists who fear that their world would stop spinning in its axis if we let gays have the rights of a full human being.

Some of their poorly formed arguments against the repeal of 377a were:
1) It is against the good of society. Soon, we’d be like those damn Europeans, and gays will be having sex with boys as young as 14.
2) Those damn gays will start flocking to our island! And we’d have to see them kiss in public!
3) Schools will soon teach my children how to be gay! And churches will have gay ministers!
4) Those gays throw kinky sex orgies which leads to AIDs! AIDs is baddd!

But these aren’t the people whose heads I want to smack – for now. At least these people are honest and upfront about wanting to deny gays their rights.

It’s those pseudo gay-sympathizers whom I have no patience for.
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Joie’s Late Week Recipes: Frugal Gourmet’s Tuna Cakes

August 23, 2007

This is the first in a series of Joie’s late week recipes. You wouldn’t know it from the rest of the posts on this site, but lisiepeasie and I meant for this blog to have a crafts and cooking slant (in addition to all the ranting and railing we do against all the world’s injustices – hope you’ve been enjoying so far). The first recipe I will be presenting for your consideration is borne out of a need for this student to eat cheaply. Quite apart from the price of the foods used when cooking at home, one of the key tenants of eating cheaply is being able to resist the urge to eat out. I wanted something fancier than instant noodles with leafy greens and egg. I wanted something more complex than fried rice. I also couldn’t bear to look at another can of soup. So I looked at what I had – a can of tuna (but I had had tuna salad so often over the last two weeks, besides, I was out of flatbread – or indeed, any bread), baby potatoes (roasting potatoes would take too long though, it was late and I was hungry), various condiments and past date yoghurt that was still good, but couldn’t be trusted to keep for much longer. Oh and eggs of course. You have to have eggs if one of your food groups is instant noodles.

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No Malicious Intent

August 21, 2007

You know those people who are “all for equality” but refuse to be called “feminists”? The ones who proudly paste that god-awful “I’m not a feminist but” image on their webspace? (I honestly hate that tract. It manages to claim all the triumphs of the feminist movement while denigrating the people who, in identifying as feminists, managed to bring about those crucial changes. I digress.) At this point, I should probably fully disclose the fact that in my youth I was one of those people, but way back then I was also a fundie right-winger. I don’t think people should be held accountable for youthful indiscretions – I mean, that’s why most juvenile records are sealed right?

Then again, the I’m-not a-feminist-but people aren’t half as bad as the people who just plain don’t see the need for feminism and instead see it as a divisive movement that (and this is an actual quote[1], I kid you not) “spreads hate”. Call me naïve but I honestly believe that the only reason people like this exist is because of a fundamental misunderstanding not of feminism but of the patriarchy.


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Why are we keeping quiet?

August 19, 2007

Building on Joie’s last post, the next inevitable question we have to ask ourselves is: What do we do when someone around us makes a racist/sexist joke?

Penelope Trunk, who writes the excellent career/work blog Brazen Careerist, blogged about how she went on air and was talking about Michelle Obama when a caller made a racist remark about the black people in general.

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This Asian Slut has a Question, Yo!

August 19, 2007

I tell racist jokes. I also tell dirty jokes that are incredibly sexist. Sometimes I combine the two and tell jokes that are demeaning to both racial minorities and women. Yet, I don’t feel that this undermines my status as a full-fledged, card-carrying, feminazi bitch. I even own Birkenstocks! (I would mention here that I don’t shave my legs, but seeing as how there’s nothing there to shave it’s largely irrelevant.)

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Jesus wants you back in the kitchen, bitch!

August 13, 2007

It’s awesome that Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary has found itself a time machine to transform itself back in the heydays of 1950’s. After all, why else would they offer a course that teaches you how to sew, cook and “the value of a child” only for those who own vaginas? (Penises not allowed.)

According to the Washington Post:

Southwestern Baptist, one of the nation’s largest Southern Baptist seminaries, is introducing a new academic program in homemaking as part of an effort to establish what its president calls biblical family and gender roles.

It will offer a bachelor of arts in humanities degree with a 23-hour concentration in homemaking. The program is only open to women.

Coursework will include seven hours of nutrition and meal preparation, seven hours of textile design and “clothing construction,” three hours of general homemaking, three hours on “the value of a child,” and three hours on the “biblical model for the home and family.”

Seminary officials say the main focus of the courses is on hospitality in the home – teaching women interior design as well as how to sew and cook. Women also study children’s spiritual, physical and emotional development.

Seminary President Paige Patterson, a former president of the Southern Baptist Convention, which has its executive committee headquarters in Nashville, said wives of seminary students asked for the homemaking courses. The program was approved by seminary trustees in the fall.

“We are moving against the tide in order to establish family and gender roles as described in God’s word for the home and the family,” Patterson said at the denomination’s annual meeting in June. “If we do not do something to salvage the future of the home, both our denomination and our nation will be destroyed.”

How nice knowing that women’s liberation and the right to choose to go out to work is actually destroying America! The terrorists would be so happy if they knew that it was this easy.

In all seriousness, I love everything to do with sewing and cooking – for fuck’s sakes – we have craft and cooking tags on this blog itself. Between the two of us who blog here, we can sew, crochet, knit, spin, bake and cook up a storm.

What I deeply resent is when these gender roles are foisted upon us by those who demand that women should learn how to pick up domestic skills for the family and the men. Domestic skills are awesome for either gender, but no one should say that women should be expected to learn how to cook and clean by default of having vaginas.

This move by the seminary is only engineered to keep women in the kitchen like a maid so that she can keep worshipping her man who brings home the bacon.

Terri Stovall, dean of women’s programs at Southwestern, which has its main campus in Fort Worth, Texas, said the purpose of the program is to strengthen families.

“Whether a woman works outside or strictly in the home, her first priority is her family and home,” she said. “We just really want to step up and provide some of these skills.”

Shorter Terri Stovall: Even if you make money to provide for the family, you’re still expected to clean and cook like a maid! Don’t expect your husband to chip in with the household chores because mops weren’t made for those with dicks!

And these assholes are keeping true to their word. In 2002, the seminary having terminated a contract of Hebrew professor, Sheri Klouda, for being a woman and even going so far as to call her position a “mistake that the trustees needed to fix”.

So remember kids, when you step into Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, don’t be surprised to find that it’s just like the good ole 1950’s with a good dose of misogyny!