Here’s your Christmas present, but oh wait, you don’t believe in Jesus.

November 18, 2007

To all the lousy atheists who may come across this site by the way of the Pullman-is-an-atheist post, here’s a little Christmas present from me to you. (Or should I say, happy holiday present instead?)

Blogger John Scalzi visits the Creationist Museum in Kentucky and gives us a 101-picture set on the awesomeness of intelligent design.

Some gems include:

How did dinosaurs fit on Noah’s Ark?

An explaination of how Cain and his mother managed to screw each other without giving birth to deformed kids.

T-Rex was a veggiehead, yo.

It might take a while to go through all the 101 photos,but it’s worth every minute of it. Trust me.

(Thanks to Dave for the link.)



  1. this so helps to explain all these problems i have with the good word wrt our scientific discoveries! if only i figured earlier that it’s just my misreading or lack of knowledge of the good book that’s been the problem all along.

    not sure if you’ve seen it, but here’re two other great cases that also illuminate god’s amazing work:

    the design of the banana as we know today:

    debunking evolution with a jar of peanut butter:

    (links via http://www.omgblog.com/2007/09/omg_how_scientific_antievoluti.php)

  2. I totally forgot about those videos! Yeah, I love the peanut butter one. The stream of logic just blows my mind. đŸ™‚

  3. […] between evolution and creationism continues! December 19, 2007 Just a video to build on the previous post of the debate between evolution and […]

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